Organizational network analysis takes on organizational challenges
from a network perspective, shifting focus from the individual, to the
performance of the network as a whole.


Pair orgainizational data with online survey responses, and view your organization as an informative network map.


Explore insights hidden behind an organizational chart. Better understand who influences what in the workplace.


Draw actionable information and receive recommendations for improving the performance of your organization.

What is Network Insights?

Network Insights is an end-to-end solution provider of organizational network analysis (ONA), a method of studying communication and collaboration networks within an organization.

Using ONA, we empower organizations to improve work performance by:

  • Gathering network data
  • Visualizing employee interactions as an informative network map
  • Analyzing networks for actionable insights

Seeing how your employees are connected through their level of interaction and information sharing helps organizations better understand their workforce and effectively solve problems.

What is Network Insights

What is Organizational Network Analysis (ONA)?

The flow of information through informal networks is a valuable, untapped source of knowledge for many organizations. Although we may have an intuitive sense of how employees are connecting and interacting with each other, organizational network analysis (ONA) uses a data model to quantitatively measure these relationships.

ONA looks beyond conventional power maps to reveal the informal networks driving information flow and performance in the workplace. A targeted network analysis serves as an X-ray for sales leaders and managers interested in better understanding employee interactions and optimizing how work gets done.

With ONA, we can visualize and analyze employee networks for the purposes of informed decision-making.

What can Network Insights do for you?

Organizational network analysis is for organizations of any size looking to improve:


Examine whether individuals are able to gain timely access to colleagues or other resources necessary to be effective in their roles.


Does your team know one another? Assess how well individuals understand their colleagues’ skills and expertise across the network.


How well is your team communicating with one another? Map the volume, frequency or quality of communication exchanges.


Discover the overall effectiveness of information flow through the network, as well as identify internal trusted advisers who empower others.

It is important to understand that every network analysis is different and will depend largely upon the issues in focus and data available. However, the aforementioned network types are often used in the context of organizational management.

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How do I get started?

As an end-to-end solution provider of organizational network analysis (ONA), Network Insights works with your organization to visualize and analyze data, and solve problems.

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