Accessibility Network

An accessibility network can map the ability of individuals to access one another.

Analyzes can examine whether individuals are able to gain timely access to colleagues or other resources necessary to be effective in their roles. An accessibility network analysis can also be used to determine whether improved accessibility and increased collaborative opportunities would improve individuals’ performance.

Business Insights

The network below is a summary of team sentiment towards increased collaboration.

The network visualization summarizes the responses of all team members on each team, resulting in one node which represents the department as a whole. The edges are weighted by the level of interest in collaboration: Thicker edges represent a higher level of interest in increased collaboration. The arrowheads attached to the edges are sized proportionally to reflect the level of interest in collaboration with a team. For example, if we examine the edge drawn between Sales and Research Team A, we see that Sales is more interested in collaborating with Research Team A, because the arrow pointing from Sales towards the Research Team A node is larger.


Moreover, the edges are colored based on reciprocity. Reciprocity measures whether a relationship or transaction between two nodes is reciprocated. Blue edges represent reciprocated ties and red edges represent unreciprocated ties. Looking at the graphic, we can see that Sales and Marketing, Sales and Research Team A, and Sales and Research Team B, each feel that increased collaboration and access to one other would be beneficial. While the Marketing team has identified value in increased access to the two research teams, neither research team feels that increased access to the Marketing team would improve their ability to perform. Finally, we see an unreciprocated edge exists between the two research teams, because only Research Team A is interested in increased access to Research Team B.

A manager viewing this data can draw conclusions about whether or not these patterns are aligned with what is expected or desirable in a given situation.

How to further interpret the network:

  • The network is based on the survey question, “I would be more effective in serving this customer if I were able to collaborate more with this colleague.”

Getting started

Network Insights offers an end-to-end solution which will walk you through the initial stages of selecting your focus group, the development of a survey, the collection of network data, and the analysis and visualizations of your network. If you are interested in building a deeper understanding of the level of accessibility in your organization, please contact us to learn more.