How does Network Insights work?

Network Insights is a diagnostic tool focused on taking the guesswork out of management. We can provide quantitative data and reporting to help improve performance within your organization.

Business Need

How often are my team members communicating about key accounts? Are we aware of the internal expertise available to serve our top customers? Is there a general consensus around an issue which you suspect is based more on “gut-feeling” than real data?

The first step in network analysis is to identify a business need that can be improved through a clearer understanding of the underlying processes at work. Network Insights works alongside you to discuss your business-critical needs and pain points in order to develop a targeted network analysis focused on the employee networks that impact your most important business processes. Network Insights provides an organizational X-ray of informal networks to sales leaders and managers interested in gaining a deeper understanding of information and communication flows within their organization.

Survey and Data Collection

Once your business need has been identified, Network Insights will collect the data required for analysis. The method of data collection used will depend on the targeted solution which has been developed. In some cases, data collection involves an online employee survey, which is used to map employee interactions. In other cases, data collection involves digital communication gathered programmatically.

Network Insights reviews every form of data collection with you prior to implementation, ensuring that your privacy and security concerns are fully met.

Analyses and Recommendations

Network Insights will provide network visualizations, network analyses and recommendations based on the collected data. Network visualizations communicate powerful information quickly. Sales leaders and managers viewing network visualizations are immediately empowered to take action based on information conveyed by clear and easy-to-grasp employee network maps. Network analyses use standard network metrics to calculate statistics based on network structure and deliver quantitative results.

For example, a standard network metric may measure how many relationships employees have to external teams. Network Insights provides full reporting of the results of the network analysis and recommendations on how to take strategic action based on the findings. Network Insights will work with you through every step of the process to ensure mutual understanding and success in the final outcome.