Information Networks

An information network can map the flow of information or advice between individuals.

Analyzes can assess the overall effectiveness of information flow through the network, as well as identify internal trusted advisers who empower others to be effective in their roles through information sharing and quality advice giving.

Business Insights

The network below was created to understand the frequency of information flow concerning a top tier client. The graphic displays the exchange of client-related information between the sales and marketing departments. The nodes are sized proportionally by tenure.


As we look more closely, we see that the marketing team communicates exclusively with SW on the sales team and the sales team communicates exclusively with AS on the marketing team. SW is the most senior person on the sales team and everyone is his department turns to him for information, in addition to the requests for information he receives from the marketing team. These relationships may indicate that SW is overburdened and that other individuals in the network, such as account managers WE and TR, could be optimally suited to overtake the requests for information from marketing.

ST, MB and SY are interesting cases because they communicate with the greatest number of colleagues regarding the customer, including colleagues outside of their department, which may indicate that they have a strong understanding of what is happening with the client. They may be underutilized resources because no one asks them for information in turn.

A manager viewing this data can draw conclusions about whether or not these patterns are aligned with what is expected or desirable in a given situation.

How to further interpret the network:

  • This network is based on the survey question, “Please indicate how often you turn to each colleague listed below for product expertise or information to service this customer.”
  • Edges exist between nodes if respondents answered “Daily, Bi-weekly, or Weekly.”
  • Nodes are sized by tenure.
  • Nodes are colored by department.

Getting started

Network Insights offers an end-to-end solution which will walk you through the initial stages of selecting your focus group, the development of a survey, the collection of network data, and the analysis and visualizations of your network. If you are interested in building a deeper understanding of the information or advice flows in your organization’s informal networks, please contact us to learn more.